The New York Seniors Golf Association, Inc. was started in 1952. The initial golf matches were played annually at Oak Hill Country Club and Winged Foot Golf Club. Westchester C.C. later joined Oak Hill in rotation, and by 1991 the association began moving the tournaments around the state, with ’91 spring matches at Brookfield C.C. and The Park Club.

Spring Matches now are held on the Monday – Tuesday before Memorial Day.
Fall Matches are held on the first Monday – Tuesday following Labor Day Week.


  • 1953-1955—Harry R. Harman*
  • 1956—James W. Weldon*
  • 1957—Christopher A. Carr*
  • 1958—Oscar Guilfoil, Jr.*
  • 1959—Philip W. Ransom*
  • 1960—Foster Nichols*
  • 1961—Nelson E Lengerman*
  • 1962—Laurence Sovik*
  • 1963—William A. Hazelton*
  • 1964—Dr. Gerald B. Manley*
  • 1965—John T. Balfe*
  • 1966—Robert W. Jackson*
  • 1967—Charles B. Zeitler*
  • 1968—Theadore I. Merseles*
  • 1969—Henry J. Martens*
  • 1970—James W. Gaynor*
  • 1971—Dr. Alfred W. Doust*
  • 1972—Martin T. Gullen*
  • 1973—Howard Wolff*
  • 1974—A. Vernon Croop*
  • 1975—W. Roy Jarmon*
  • 1976—Joseph M. Burns*
  • 1977—Clifford G. Dalzell*
  • 1978—Joseph M. Burns*
  • 1979—Bertram H. Hegeman*
  • 1980—Bennett H. Tollefson*
  • 1981—Edward T. Schneider*
  • 1982—Allen M. Brewer*
  • 1983—Anthony L. Gagliardi*
  • 1984—Richard T. Sullivan*


  • 1985—Louis F. Krussman*
  • 1986—Robert T. Skipworth*
  • 1987—Leonard V. Sommer*
  • 1988—Donald M. Kladstrup*
  • 1989—John D. Casey, Jr.*
  • 1990—J. Robert Maney*
  • 1991—Dr. Richard A. Powell*
  • 1992- Robert E. Avery, Sr.
  • 1993—Spencer M. Wallace, Jr.
  • 1994—William J. Murrer
  • 1995—Edwin D. Muto*
  • 1996—Glenn A. Marshall
  • 1997—Robert F. Carbrey
  • 1998—Thomas G. Lennox
  • 1999—Joseph H. Hobika*
  • 2000—Donald J. Bolger*
  • 2001—William W. Porter
  • 2002—Frank P. Mulderry
  • 2003—Paul C. Weaver
  • 2004—Dr. Louis W. Giordano
  • 2005—Howard E. R. Hutton, Jr.
  • 2006—Edward T. O’Donnell*
  • 2007—Dr. Patrick J. Buttarazzi
  • 2008-2011—Wal Blatter
  • 2012-2014—Robert F. Baldwin, Jr.
  • 2015-2017—Robert Marshall
  • 2018-Present—Neil Parry



The objectives of this Association are to promote friendly competition and good fellowship in golf among men at least 50 years of age; to hold such golf tournaments and competitions as may be approved by the Board; and in general to advance the best interest of golf and of senior golfers as a not-for-profit membership corporation, under the laws of the State of New York.

Playing Format

Individuals compete against the entire field of players for the low gross score of each day, and total. Players also compete within their particular age group which are:

  • AAA – 80 and older*
  • AA – 75-79
  • A – 70-74
  • *(AAA play front tees)
  • B – 65-69
  • C – 60-64
  • D – 50-59

Prize Payout

Traditionally, approximately one third of the field is paid, with pro shop credit forwarded to the respective player’s home golf club.